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Baby Brine Shrimp - 16 Ounce Bottle

Baby Brine Shrimp - 16 Ounce Bottle

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Baby brine shrimp are some of the most nutritious snacks available for your reef. Loved by fish and coral alike, baby brine shrimp are still rich in nutrients from their yolk sack. Additionally, we hatch and ship them in our live phytoplankton, which "gut-loads" them with extra nutrients.

Baby brine shrimp are a favorite in commercial shrimp and shellfish hatcheries because of their incredible nutrient density. However, we recommend dosing the entire bottle within a couple of days of receiving it. Baby brine shrimp are only nutritious when they're extremely young.

There will be some orange eggs in every bottle, since not all of them hatch. We only use de-encapsulated brine shrimp, which means there's no harmful shell on the unhatched eggs. The eggs themselves are extremely nutrient-rich as well, so we recommend dosing the entire bottle, un-hatched eggs and all.

All baby brine shrimp are hatched-to-order so they will be as fresh and young as possible when you receive them. (We incubate them the day before we ship, and send them to you freshly hatched and harvested.)

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