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Live Rotifers - L-type

Live Rotifers - L-type

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L-type rotifers are fantastic food for corals and fish larvae, particularly clownfish larvae. Copepods are too large to fit in the mouths of fish larvae, but at 53 microns, rotifers are just the right size for baby fish dinners!

Rotifers are too small for adult fish to worry about, so unless you are raising fish larvae in your tank, your corals will have no competition for this tasty treat. Consider adding a monthly subscription for this nutritious live food that will help you either raise your baby fish, or keep your corals thriving and beautiful. Make your corals think they never left the ocean with Dinkins Aquatic Gardens live rotifers!

There is about 15 ounces of liquid in each 16 ounce bottle; we intentionally leave an air pocket so the animals can breathe in transit.

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