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JUMBO Pick Your Pods 2-Pack (Half Gallon Jugs)

JUMBO Pick Your Pods 2-Pack (Half Gallon Jugs)

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Live Copepods are a fantastic way of adding biodiversity to your reef aquarium. They serve as members of your cleanup crew, eating detritus and improving water quality. In addition, their small size makes them excellent at getting into the tiniest crevices in your live rock and eating waste inaccessible to snails or crabs.

Pods are also the only food some picky fish will eat; examples include mandarins, pipefish, and some wrasses. These fish generally won't eat anything but live food, and copepods are their preferred menu item! Your corals also love to eat copepods, which helps them gain the nutrients they need to grow and maintain optimum health.

 Tisbe copepods are the smallest of the three species we stock. Tisbe pods are nocturnal, which helps protect them from predation (allowing them to build a robust, self-sustaining colony in your tank). Adults of this species prefer to live in your live rock and on your glass, eating detritus all night. Mandarins, in particular, love to eat Tisbe pods. Live copepods are a great natural reef aquarium food for your fish and corals.

Tigriopus Californicus is the largest species of copepod we offer. This live copepod species is a pelagic, or free-swimming, copepod. The large size and peculiar swimming motion of the Tigriopus make it easy to catch and are perfect for feeding your coral and fish.  

Apocylops copepods are a little bit smaller and harder to catch than Tigriopus. Combined with the fact that it is a prolific breeder, it is easier for the Apocyclops to begin a self-sustaining colony in your tank. Young Apocyclops prefer to live in your rocks and eat detritus; as they grow into adults, they become free-swimming and make an excellent target for fish and corals. Apocyclops are prolific breeders and will quickly form a self-sustaining colony in your tank.

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There are approximately 15 ounces of liquid in each 16-ounce bottle; we intentionally leave an air pocket so the animals can breathe in transit.


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