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Reef Snacklebox™ - Copepod & Rotifer Blend

Reef Snacklebox™ - Copepod & Rotifer Blend

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Each 16 oz. bottle contains 6,000+ copepods; half-gallons contain 24,000+, and gallons will have over 48,000 pods.

Our Reef Snacklebox is designed to feed even the most finicky of fish, provide excellent nutrition to your coral, and provide a serious boost to your cleanup crew. It contains three types of live copepods - Tisbe, Apocyclops, and Tigriopus - along with live rotifers. This powerful combination adds biodiversity to your reef aquarium while providing highly nutritious food for all your reef creatures. 

Corals absolutely LOVE rotifers, and the copepods will feed your picky fish such as mandarins, wrasses, and pipefish. Copepods also play a significant role in keeping your tank clean. As tiny detritivores, they love to eat leftover fish foods and other waste products. Also, since they are so small, they can fit into all the crevices of your live rock, eating the particles that settle where the rest of your cleanup crew cannot reach.

Create a monthly subscription to give your corals and finicky fish the nutrition they need and make them think they never left the ocean!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We'd like you to be the judge - if you aren't satisfied, email us and we'll make it right. No forms, no hoops to jump through, no fuss!

There are approximately 15 ounces of liquid in each 16-ounce Reef Snacklebox  bottle; we intentionally leave an air pocket so the animals can breathe in transit.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does phyto live in the fridge?

If kept refrigerated and gently shaken every couple of days, phyto will live for 3-4 months.

Will phyto survive shipping?

Yes! Phyto will easily survive a week or more in the mail. Just refrigerate it once you receive it to ensure maximum shelf life.

If for any reason your phyto arrives spoiled, it will have a rotten egg/sulfury smell. Just let me know and I'll replace it for free. Your satisfaction is my absolute top priority!

Is live phyto better than "preserved"?

Absolutely. Both "frozen" and "preserved" mean the phyto cells are dead. They are still nutritious, but you lose some of the benefits of having live phytoplankton.

Uneaten dead phytoplankton pollutes your tank, turning into ammonia and ultimately nitrate/phosphate. Uneaten live phytoplankton, on the other hand, continues to grow and multiply in your aquarium. As the live phyto multiplies, it actually removes excess nitrates and phosphates from your water!

Additionally, some microfauna such as rotifers are only able to use about 35% of the nutrition in "preserved" phyto, versus 100% of the nutrition in live phytoplankton.

(Source: Hoff's Phytoplankton Culture Manual, Sixth Edition)

What is phyto?

Phytoplankton is the very first link in the ocean's food chain. Corals and other microfauna such as zooplankton eat the phyto. Both corals and fish will eat the zooplankton and continue the food chain.

Adding phyto to your reef ensures maximum diversity of life, and replicates the conditions found on natural coral reefs.

How much live phyto should I dose?

My suggestion is to start with 5 mL of live phyto per 10 gallons of tank volume, dosed daily. After two weeks, increase that to 10 mL per 10 gallons, dosed daily.