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Snacklerock - Cycled Rock Seeded With Copepods

Snacklerock - Cycled Rock Seeded With Copepods

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We're currently taking orders to begin shipping July 1! On orders over 40 lbs, free air cargo shipping is available (but NOT required) - we'll contact you once you place your order.

We ship Snacklerock mostly submerged in water. No wet paper or paper towels - shipping in water is the best way to ensure the maximum amount of life makes it to your tank.

Our Snacklerocks are cycled with live nitrifying bacteria and seeded with our three species blend of live copepods. Dinkins Snacklerock is ideal for starting a new tank, or for adding rock (and biodiversity) to an existing system.

Many reefers use dry rock to start their tanks, in an effort to keep pests out. The downside is that it can take weeks or months to fully cycle the rock, along with multiple purchases of copepods to fully seed them. On the other end of the spectrum, a number of reefers buy rock straight from the ocean. This rock is fully seeded and comes with copepods, but also has the potential to bring unwanted hitchhikers with them.

Our Snacklerock combines the best of both worlds. We source dry rock, which has never been in the ocean, and put it in a closed system. We add a substantial amount of live nitrifying bacteria and our own copepods (which are themselves grown in closed single-species systems). We let the rock stay in this system for a long period of time, allowing the bacteria to migrate into the rock's pores and the copepods to spread out and colonize all the rock as well.

Dinkins Snacklerock comes with much of the biodiversity of ocean rock without the potential pests and hitchhikers.

We take great care in the packaging and shipping of our Snacklerock. It ships mostly submerged in saltwater, to preserve the bacteria and pods. All Snacklerock ships for FREE by UPS Ground Shipping - an excellent option due to the resilience of both the bacteria and copepods.

That's right - Snacklerock ships for free!

(Snacklerock is sold by the pound. For instance, if you want 50 lbs, please add 50 items to your cart.)

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Linda Starkey
Best customer service!

Definitely the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in the saltwater hobby…you both went out of your way on customer service. I would highly recommend Dinkins and you’ll be my go to online store…thank you guys so much!