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Snacklepail Combo - Live Phyto + Snacklebox™ + Coral Cane®

Snacklepail Combo - Live Phyto + Snacklebox™ + Coral Cane®

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We're now offering a well-rounded combo pack to boost your cleanup-crew, feed finicky fish, and feed your corals a well-rounded diet of both live and high protein powdered food. Welcome to our Snacklepail Combo - a combination of our live phyto, our Reef Snacklebox, and Coral Cane®!

Our Reef Snacklebox is designed to feed even the most finicky of fish, provide excellent nutrition to your coral, and provide a serious boost to your cleanup crew. It contains three types of live copepods - Tisbe, Apocyclops, and Tigriopus. This powerful combination adds biodiversity to your reef aquarium while providing highly nutritious food for all your reef creatures. 

 Copepods will feed your picky fish such as mandarins, wrasses, and pipefish. Copepods also play a significant role in keeping your tank clean. As tiny detritivores, they love to eat leftover fish foods and other waste products. Also, since they are so small, they can fit into all the crevices of your live rock, eating the particles that settle where the rest of your cleanup crew cannot reach.

Corals really thrive when fed both our live phytoplankton and a high quality source of protein and amino acids. To maximize your coral growth, coloration, and polyp extension, we’re now offering a combo pack containing both our live phytoplankton and Quantum USA’s Coral Cane®.

Phytoplankton is the basic building block of the ocean food chain. It feeds corals, clams, copepods and other filter feeders. Our live phytoplankton has great benefits for your reef tank, both for feeding your corals and copepods as well as adding biodiversity to your tank.

Our live phyto blend contains six strains of phytoplankton in order to provide balanced and well rounded nutrition for your tank’s inhabitants. Corals are like all other animals - they need a wide variety of minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids for optimal health. Simply feeding one or two species of phyto won’t provide the diversity of nutrients that our six species blend offers.

We’re also excited to partner with Quantum USA to bring you the best powdered coral food on the market.

CORAL CANE® is a complete coral food containing phytoplankton, zooplankton, natural food sources without containing excess unwanted nutrients, binders or fillers. It has a range of particle sizes, large enough for mouths but fine enough for polyps which makes it suitable for all types of coral. Use the scoop and activator (both included) to accurately measure Coral Cane and increase bioavailability.


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