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Snacklecrate Combo - Snacklebox + Phytoplankton + Amphipods + Coral Cane

Snacklecrate Combo - Snacklebox + Phytoplankton + Amphipods + Coral Cane

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We are excited to offer the Snacklecrate Combo - a combination of amphipods, copepods, live phytoplankton, and Coral Cane to feed your reef and boost your biodiversity. Copepods and amphipods both eat detritus (and phytoplankton), while feeding the fish in your tank.

While copepods are excellent food for the smaller fish in your tank - mandarins, wrasse, anthias and the like - amphipods are a great food for larger fish since they are much bigger than copepods. Due to their size, amphipods can also eat a great deal more detritus than copepods.

Combining copepods and amphipods in your tank will do wonders to keep nuisance algae at bay and keep your coral and fish happy. The live phytoplankton is an excellent food for your coral, and serves to round out the diet of your copepods and amphipods.

Finally, amphipods and copepods are a great boost to biodiversity. It's always a good idea to put as many species of helpful creatures in your tank as possible in order to consume resources that could otherwise be used by harmful pests. Amphipods fill this role beautifully, especially when combined with our other products.

In addition to the great cleanup crew combo of copepods + amphipods, you'll also receive some of our live phytoplankton and Coral Cane powdered coral food. Our live phyto combines beautifully with Quantum USA's Coral Cane to give your corals a well-rounded, balance diet.

Note on Shipping/Acclimation

Amphipods are shipped in jars containing a reef-safe nylon sponge. The amphipods are strongly "benthic," meaning the prefer a surface to cling to. They tend to burrow deep inside the sponge due to the stresses of shipping.

We suggest adding all the water in the jar, and placing the sponge in the sump or tank for a couple days. After a couple days, the amphipods will have migrated out of the sponge in search of food, and it can be removed if you'd like.

Please note that we intentionally fill the amphipod jars only about 1/3 of the way full with water. If part or all of the sponge is out of the water, it's perfectly fine.

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