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Tigriopus Pods

Tigriopus Pods

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In most cases, we recommend customers purchase the Reef Snacklebox as that provides maximum biodiversity and best meets the needs of most customers.

The largest species of copepod we offer is the Tigriopus californicus. Because they are large and like to bounce up and down off the substrate in your tank, Tigriopus easily get the attention of the fish in your tank. Because they tend to be hunted fairly quickly, Tigriopus don't tend to reproduce as well in your tank as our other copepods.

If you are looking to seed your tank and increase biodiversity, we normally suggest the Reef Snacklebox™. The Reef Snacklebox™ is an excellent way to prepare your tank for a mandarin, boost your cleanup crew, or fight nuisance algae, cyano, and dinos.

On the other hand, if you're wanting to periodically give your fish and corals a highly nutritious treat, Tigriopus pods are ideal!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We'd like you to be the judge - if you aren't satisfied, email us and we'll make it right. No forms, no hoops to jump through, no fuss!

There are approximately 15 ounces of liquid in each 16-ounce bottle; we intentionally leave an air pocket so the animals can breathe in transit.

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