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DOUBLE Snacklepack™ Combo - Two Reef Snackleboxes™ + Two Live Phytoplankton

DOUBLE Snacklepack™ Combo - Two Reef Snackleboxes™ + Two Live Phytoplankton

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Because sometimes you just need two! Now you can get two bottles of our Reef Snacklebox™ and two bottles of our live phyto in a single combo pack!

This live aquarium food combo pack contains two 16-ounce bottles of our Reef Snacklebox and two 16-ounce bottles of our Live Phyto Blend. The Reef Snacklebox contains live rotifers to feed your corals and copepods, which clean your aquarium of detritus and serve as a tasty snack for both corals and picky fish. Certain fish like mandarins, pipefish, and many wrasses will exclusively eat copepods.

Our live phytoplankton blend will feed your corals, especially non-photosynthetic (NPS) corals, and your filter feeders, such as clams and feather dusters. But, most importantly, the phyto will also feed the copepods and rotifers included in the Reef Snacklebox

For the best possible results for your reef, consider a monthly subscription to this combo pack. Your corals and fish will not be able to find and eat every copepod and rotifer, so with repeated additions, your reef will become home to a self-sustaining pod and rotifer population. 

The boost to your reef's biodiversity will improve water quality, create a cleaner tank, provide food for some of your most beautiful saltwater fish, and feed your corals. You've invested a great deal of money in your tank - so make your reef creatures think they never left the ocean with Dinkins Aquatic Gardens' Reef Snacklebox  + Live Phyto Combo Pack!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We'd like you to be the judge - if you aren't satisfied, email us and we'll make it right. No forms, no hoops to jump through, no fuss!

There are approximately 15 ounces of liquid in each 16-ounce Reef Snacklebox  bottle; we intentionally leave an air pocket so the animals can breathe in transit.

Dosing size for Snacklepack™ Combo

The dosing recommendation for Reef Snacklebox™ is to use the entire container at once. The dosing recommendation for Phyto is 1 ml per gallon daily.

This product is intended for tanks up to 60 gallons. Larger tanks will benefit from our larger half gallon and gallon sizes, found here.




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